In the beginning, our company, which has been operating in the office furniture and steel industry sector in the subsidiary industry, has changed the knowledge gained from these studies towards more direct consumer oriented production and service in recent years. In addition to his work in this area, he has focused on developing and working on the production and sales of laboratory equipments and cabinets, pharmacy fixtures. Our company, which has production and service understanding in all fields of office furniture sector and has recently added wood furniture production and sales to its service range, continues its successful works in this field. Our company registered “Tura Çelik” brand in 2006 and started to apply ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System since 07/02/2007. Our company, which has never compromised from the principles of quality, trust and customer satisfaction which is one of the essentials of continuity, is determined to work with this understanding and to continue to provide service to its customers.

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